kind words

Odrida has a unique style when she photographs and she brings a certain je ne sais quoi to her images adding romance, beauty and delicacy to every photo TABITHA, BELGIUM
"Odrida is the BEST! She is awesome and so creative! I would definitely recommend her for the best and the most beautiful photos! Best wishes and lots of love." Divya, India
"A talented photographer that gives a creative touch to all her work. She pays a lot of attention to details, colour combinations, composition and of course, people." Andreea, Romania
"She is one of the best photographers that I have ever seen! Her pictures are full of light, color and love. She really has a special touch of romanticism that you can see in all her photos and that is specific to her. Moreover, she makes the photo session go naturally and professionally, while maintaining the fun!" Theodora, France
" I am a photographer as well and I choose Odrida for an époque session In Paris (a big passion of mine). You can tell that she is doing everything with lots of love and passion and it is such a pleasure to spend time with her. She is always smiling and she makes you feel really beautiful." Tabitha, Belgium