Hello. My name is Odrida

And my story is about a girl who wanted to be a pharmacist.

9 years ago, during my studies, I found out who I am and what I want to be. I discovered a passion for traveling and the beauty of photographing people. After graduating in pharmacy, I finally realized that the only thing that made me feel happy and free is photography.

I love being behind the camera.

I love sunrises, and I see them almost every day.

I love to photograph love stories and to capture those moments you cannot describe with words.

I believe in happiness. In tears of joy. In smiling hearts. I want to show to the world that love exists, and it's the most beautiful thing.

I have been lucky enough to find it in my own life when I moved to Paris, and now strive to capture happy and beautiful moments for others to cherish forever.

Mircea became my husband last year, and you'll be hearing a lot about him on my blog. We’re both artists and dreamers and wanderlusts! He’s the one who inspires me and encourages me to do what I love, no matter what.

My favorite Things traveling. a lot.
laughing at Friends series
the sea
my mother's jokes
my cute husband, Mircea
lavender honey
hugging people until they scream :))
Rum-Kokos chocolate