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USA + Hawaii

I have a big dream.. not easy to fulfil, but neither impossible: I want to create memories in every corner of the world 😀 I am not rich at all. I still rent a place to live in. It’s in Paris, I must add :)) I haven’t yet saved a penny. All I have gained was spent on traveling. For me, it has been by far the best choice. I’ve seen places I didn’t dare dreaming of just a few years ago and nobody can ever take away the memories I’ve made; I want to write them in a book when I grow up. :)) It is said that traveling is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer. And I am not referring here to luxury travel. You can try traveling on a budget, and I’ve helped many others do this also.

I have seen many beautiful places but Hawaii topped them all. It’s colorful, rainbow-filled, it has a lot of surfers, and breathtaking landscapes. The helicopter ride above Honolulu it’s the best experience you can have there. I encourage you to travel a bit before buying fancy cars and building houses. Life is so much richer that way. Hope you will enjoy the pictures, even though I am almost a year late sharing them :))


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