Balchik Photo Session with Andreia & Beni

Destination photo session in the Gardens of Balchik

I remember with joy this Balchik photo session. When you are in the right place, with beautiful people, there is no other way for things to turn out, but amazing. 🙂

I have casually known Andreia for a few years. I must admit that at least once I have said to myself: “This girl would look stunning in my pictures”. She always managed to stand out, without even trying.  She became more and more beautiful as time went by. And what stood out, compared to other girls, was that she was modest. And that made her so much more lovely 🙂

It is said that we attract people that are like us, so, she fell in love with Beni, whom she resembles so well. I am so happy for her, Andreia deserves a guy that is melting after her.
I hope you like the photos as much as I do!


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