Adi & Tabita – Chantilly, France

Two months ago I had this beautiful and totally different photo shoot. It was a challenge for me and I really had a great time with these wonderful people. I asked Tabita to tell you more about the session 🙂

“I am sure you are wondering if this is a wedding. Well, it is not! It is our passion though to create vintage photographs with ourselves as the actors of “La Belle Époque”. For about 3 years now, at least once a month, we dream, imagine, photograph and enjoy getting away from our modern world. It is something that I haven’t seen any other couple do, except rarely or on special occasions. We do this for ourselves, and, when we have the opportunity, we request the services of a good photographer – like JolieDee – so we can be more free by not having to bother with our own cameras. 😀 I am excited and honored by the photos Odrida took and that she lives in Paris, a city full of beauty and history. 🙂  We will surely rely on her photographic gift again for a future awesome session of vintage photography. Every session is planned with love, passion down to the very details of the era, like the objects, places, hair styles and editing. We like to bring to life all eras, but, for now, our definite favorites are the 1900s. Is the best inspiration for a romantic wedding where white, lace, pure elegance and respect are intertwined with beauty and love…”



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